"When people ask me to summarize my life, I think of the phrase in an old hymn, "...He picked me out of the miry clay, He put my feet on rock to stay."


"Adelle combines clearly articulated thoughts with a personal style that appeals to a broad spectrum of people. My experience has proven Adelle is a caring woman who has great personal and professional integrity."
~David H. Butler, President Olan Mills Church Directories

"Few people are able to communicate from their heart and their head at the same time. I'm confident Adelle's life and message bring a smile across our master's face.
~Rev. Jack D. Woodburn, MA, LRC Director of Counseling Colonial Woods Counseling Center

"Adelle is a remarkable woman and a compelling speaker. With an incredible sense of humor, she has the uncanny abilitiy to share the moving story of her personal losses in uplifting presentations that give listeners hope, encouragement and insight; as well as "take-home applications" for their own lives. I highly recommend her!"
~Carol Kent Author and Speaker

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